Herbalism Foundation – Class 5

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Herbalism Foundation – Class 5

16. Januar 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

25€ - 120€

Class 5: Herbs for the Musculoskeletal System.

Sustaining a sturdy frame and ease of movement is central to enjoying living in your body. We’ll learn self massage techniques as well as discuss nutritional, movement, and herbal therapies.

This class is one of the herbalism foundation series, including six classes. These six herbalism classes will empower you with the knowledge to use herbs for wellness more effectively and with confidence. They can be taken as a series or you can attend individual classes.


Class 1: Understanding Herbs
Class 2: Herbs for the Nervous System – Air
Class 3: Herbs for the Digestive System – Fire
Class 4: Herbs for the Circulatory System – Water
Class 5: Herbs for the Musculoskeletal System – Earth
Class 6: Herbal Formulation


Anne Merrill is an herbalist, bodyworker and teacher. In 2006, she was honored to be a member of Michael Moore’s last class at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Bisbee, Arizona. She continues Moore’s lineage by working to evolve a fresh, iconoclastic and accessible Western herbalism. While living in Austin, TX, she wrote the curriculum for the Anatomy and Physiology portion of the classes at The Sacred Journey School of Herbal Wisdom, and founded the Texas Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. She now lives in Berlin, Germany, where she is working to found the Berlin Herbcraft Studio, a community space for herbal manufacture and education. You can reach her and read her blog and many other informations via www.annelouisemerrill.com


All the dates for this event: (You don’t have to attend the classes in the chronological order.)

Class 1 22.08.17
Class 2 05.09.17
Class 3 21.09.17
Class 4 03.10.17
Class 5 17.10.17
Class 6 31.10.17

Class 1 14.11.17
Class 2 28.11.17
Class 3 12.12.17
Class 4 02.01.18
Class 5 16.01.18
Class 6 30.01.18

Class 1 13.02.18
Class 2 27.02.18
Class 3 13.03.18
Class 4 27.03.18
Class 5 10.04.18
Class 6 24.04.18


16. Januar
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
25€ - 120€


Raabestraße 1
Berlin, 10405
+ Google Karte
030 41956171


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Herbalism Foundation - Series120,00 Take part in the whole Herbalism Foundation Series (including 6 classes)!

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15 verfügbar
Herbalism Foundation - Class 525,00 Take part in the Class 5 of the Herbalism Foundation Series!

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